Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development (SAQA US 58761 NQF Level 4)

This is an entry-level Qualification for those who want to enter the field of Education, Training and Development, specifically within the sub-field of Early Childhood Development (ECD). This Qualification will enable you to facilitate the all-round development of young children in a manner that is sensitive to culture and individual needs (including special needs), and enable you to provide quality early childhood development services for children in a variety of contexts, including community-based services, ECD centres, at home and in institutions.

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national diploma: Early Childhood Development (SAQA US 23118 NQF Level 5)

This qualification is designed to provide access to higher education for many experienced and skilled ECD practitioners and trainers who do not have recognised qualifications. This Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Development (ECD) will help you to develop your skills to provide appropriate education, training and development services in the ECD sub-field and enable you to use your knowledge of child growth and development from birth to nine years and relevant national policies to guide your professional practice.

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