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Can I do the course through distance learning?

Yes. Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) courses are not full-time qualifications, they are done through distance learning. There will be one contact session per month (on a Saturday). These contact sessions will be held in Pretoria, Polokwane/Mokopane and Cape Town.

Why do I have to attend the contact sessions?

Even though the course is done through distance learning you need to attend the contact sessions (once a month on a Saturday). During these contact sessions you will cover the theory and paperwork that you will need to complete in the coming month. You will also discuss what practical experiences should be completed before your next contact session. During the month you will build your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and in your next contact session your PoE will be checked so that the necessary corrections can be made. 

When/where do I do my practical?

Practical experience is the responsibility of the learner. When doing either the ECD NQF Level 4 or ECD NQF Level 5 qualification you should be employed by an appropriate child care institution or have access to one.

What do I need to do ECD NQF Level 5?

The entrance requirements for the National Diploma: Early Childhood Development (SAQA US 23118 NQF LEVEL 5) are a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent. However, if you have no Early Childhood Development (preschool) experience then it is best to start with the Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development (SAQA US 58761 NQF Level 4).