R3 250.00 per module (includes VAT) 

  • Full payment per module to be made before learning material will be sent.
  • Assessment per module to be finalised before moving on to the next module.
  • 9 modules to be completed.

R23 95.00 full qualification (includes VAT) 

  • One-off full payment to be made before learning material will be sent.
  • Learning material will be sent one module at a time as you complete them.
  • Assessment per module to be finalised before moving on to the next module.
  • 9 modules to be completed.


  • Internet connection & data.
  • Smartphone / computer.
  • Email.
  • PDF Reader and Microsoft Office Word.
  • Printer / scanner (optional).


The entire course is available electronically. You will receive your course material & the supporting documents via email. This is a self-study / distance learning course.


All your training material will be emailed to you, including all supportive documentation (assessment guide, workbook, logbook, etc.). Your portfolio of evidence (POE) will also be submitted electronically via email.


You will have 6 – 7 weeks for each unit standard from receiving the course material to submit your completed portfolio. Each module you enrol for will state the number of weeks you have to submit your completed portfolio. In total the course will take approximately 2 years to complete.


You will be responsible to source an adequate workplace for your workplace practical. You will have to complete a logbook, along with your workplace supervisor / coach, to record your practical experience. Each module you complete will have the minimum days outlined that you need to spend completing your practical. Approximately 7 weeks per year will have to be spent doing workplace experience.


Once you’ve completed your POE and workplace experience for all modules you will have to record a video demonstrating your practical skills. This video must be shot in your classroom. When you’re ready for your overarching practical assessment, please inform your assessor, they will send you an outline of what criteria you will have to meet in your video. Your assessor will instruct you as to how the video and supporting documents must be submitted.


Unlimited support is available via email during office hours 08:00 – 16:00, Monday – Friday. The contact details for your support facilitator/assessor will be allocated to you for each module you enrol for.


All document submissions must be emailed to your support facilitator/assessor. The format for emailing documents is PDF.


  1. Complete the Quote Request form and email the form to
  2. We will send you a proforma invoice for your chosen module/s.
  3. Make payment via EFT / direct deposit.
  4. Email proof of payment to
  5. Your Learner Guide and supporting documents will be emailed to you.
  6. Study the Learner Guide and do additional research.
  7. Complete all required documents and email them (in PDF format) to your support facilitator/assessor. Documents can be completed in your own handwriting or electronically (unless otherwise stated).
  8. Once your full portfolio of evidence has been received (per module) it will be assessed, and feedback given regarding competence.

Please note: Modules should be done in order. The first module must be completed before the next module will be sent to you.